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Urs Ribary DSc (SFU, BCCH, UBC) -

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Senior Scientist

Alex Moisseev PhD, prime expert in dynamic MEG/EEG brain imaging software development and analysis.



Tony Herdman PhD (UBC, SFU),


IT Staff – Psychology

Richard Blackwell, managing BCNI-IT Services, with Jianping Chen, Harry Janke .

Manager, SFU - Research Computing Group

James A. Peltier. Managing BCNI on colony cluster


Sam Doesburg PhD (SFU)

Research Associate

Dikla Ender - Fox PhD  (Adjunct Professor),

 Psychologist and expert in cognitive brain-based interventional therapies.


Data Scientist

Vasily Vakorin PhD, NeuroInformatics and NeuroAnalytics Lead, ImageTech Lab, SFU.



Teresa Cheung PhD (SFU),

Director MEG Program, ImageTech Lab, SFU.


September 2018

BCNI - Collaborating to improve the human brain

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