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BCNI Research Associates

Collaborative links to further facilitate multidisciplinary brain imaging resources development and 

brain imaging research across disciplines and institutions. Click on a name for CV and Contact info.


SFU – Teams Engineering Science:

SFU – Teams Computing Science:


SFU – Teams Psychology:


SFU – Teams Cognitive Science:


SFU - Teams Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

  • Sam Doesburg: Co-Director BCNI, Associate Professor, Callum Frost Professor in Translational Research in Autism SFU.

  • Vasily Vakorin, Research Associate.

  • Dan Marigold, Associate Professor, Director - Sensorimotor Neuroscience Laboratory.


SFU – Teams Education:


Teams BC Children's Hospital Research Institute (BCCHRI):


Teams University of British Columbia (UBC):


BC school:

  • Janet Chow (Burnaby district)

  • Gary Hernandez (Coquitlam district)

  • Alysha Karsan (New Westminster district)

  • Sandy Collins (Surrey district)

  • Fast ForWord Consortium


National / International Collaborative Teams and Networks:

September 2018

BCNI - Collaborating to improve the human brain

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