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Our Mission

Interactive & Multidisciplinary Interface 

Integrating resources (experts, centers, institutes) across disciplines & institutions

Facilitate, expand and initiate:


 - Brain Imaging Infrastructure (EEG, MEG, MRI, fMRI, PET) 

 - Behavioral Research Infrastructure (behavioral, clinical assessments) 

 - Technology Development (centralized, user-friendly data analysis strategies) 

 - Translational Applications (basic, clinical research) 

 - Training Platform (HQP: scientists, postdocs, students, staff) 

 - Knowledge Development (human brain: health and disease) 

 - Development: Neuro-Diagnostic Markers (cognʼdisability, neurology, psychiatry) 

 - Interventional Strategies (cognitive, pharmacological, surgical) 

 - Monitoring Strategies (behavior, brain imaging > pre/post) 

 - Industrial Commercialization 


BCNI's Goals

BCNIʼs Overall Strategy 


Helping the research community: 


  1. To network and connect among neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, engineers, computing scientists, clinicians, neurologists, psychiatrists … interested in brain imaging + behavior, 

  2. To translate ideas into brain imaging projects and facilitate access to multidisciplinary brain imaging sites fully functionally available at various institutions across BC.

  3. To facilitate and optimize multidisciplinary brain imaging signal processing resources development towards more user-friendly and semi-automatic data analysis procedures and make it available with guidance and training to the research community.

  4. To facilitate and expand overall cognitive and clinical neuroscience brain imaging research across disciplines and institutions,

  5. To engage research teams and collaborative networks in order to better understand the developing human brain and behavior in health and disease. 

  6. Towards translation, intervention and engagement in public community  > neuro-diagnostic markers > interventional strategies 

- The BCNI institute fosters interdisciplinary and collaborative engagement across disciplines and institutions in brain imaging infrastructure, technology-development, research, translational applications, interventions and training in brain imaging concerning the relationship between mind and brain. Building on the strengths of world-renowned researchers who investigate a variety of behavioral, sensory-motor, cognitive, and neurophysiological phenomena, the BCNI focuses on a broad range of topics related to the neurobiological mechanisms underlying attention, perception, sensory integration, language, memory and action in health and disease.

- The major emphases is on using structural and functional brain imaging and behavioral/clinical assessments, for better understanding the underlying “Human Cognitive Brain Network in Health and Disease”, the brain’s network connectivity and dynamics among local and large-scale networks relating to cognitive human brain functions, and its alterations in cognitive disabilities, neurological and psychiatric symptoms.

- The goal is to develop objective “quantitative diagnostic markers and strategies” translating into better pedagogical applications and more specific cognitive, pharmacological and neurosurgical interventional therapies.

- The institute engages to further provide a matrix to facilitate scientists working synergistically across centers and institutes toward these and related goals across disciplines and institutions.

September 2018

BCNI - Collaborating to improve the human brain

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