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BCNIBehavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Institute

A Collaborative and Multidisciplinary Strategy/Platform across Disciplines and Institutions to facilitate and expand Brain Imaging Infrastructure, Technology Development, Research, Neurodiagnostics and Intervention, in order to better understand and treat the Human Brain in Health and Disease.  


Simon Fraser University - Vancouver, Canada.

BCNI Institute’s
Mission and Goals:


Successful basic and clinical research requires the fostering and sustainability of various interactive components: State-of-the-art Infrastructure, Technology, Research, Translation and Intervention.


  BCNI's Co-Director -

  Dr. Sam Doesburg:



Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology SFU. Callum Frost Professor in Translational Research in Autism SFU.

Recent Article:

Ribary U, Doesburg SM and Ward LM. Unified principles of thalamo-cortical processing: The neuronal switch.

Biomed. Eng. Lett., 7, 229-235, 2017.      

DOI: 10.1007/s13534-017-0033-4

Recent Book:

Benasich AA and Ribary U.

Emergent Brain Dynamics: Prebirth to Adolescence. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2018.

The BCNI Director- 
Dr. Urs Ribary

The BCNI Institute was founded by SFU in conjunction with the incoming “BC LEEF Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience” Dr. Ribary, who became its Director in 2008. On behalf of his expanding mission and goals, he serves as the BCNI Director to perform all his duties as the BC LEEF Chair, using the BCNI in alignment with the overall peer-reviewed plans, mission and goals.


Infrastructure & Services
  • Networking area

  • Multimodal brain imaging facilities

  • Assessment area

  • Partnering with SFU's Colony Cluster

  • Centralized software packages


Assessment area  with: Portable EEG scaner


Portable Eye - Tracker


September 2018

BCNI - Collaborating to improve the human brain

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